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CMCT is managed by CIM Group, a community-focused real estate and infrastructure owner, operator, lender and developer. Since 1994, CIM has sought to create value in projects and positively impact the lives of people in communities across the Americas by delivering more than $60 billion of essential real estate and infrastructure projects.

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Three key characteristics that distinguish CIM and apply to its operation of CMCT are its:

  • Vertically-integrated team of in-house professionals
  • Commitment to communities with a distinct community qualification process
  • Culture that emphasizes a disciplined approach to investing and leverage
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CIM’s broad in-house expertise includes research, acquisition, credit analysis, development, finance, leasing and property management and other experience across all types of real estate and infrastructure.

CIM’s diverse team of experts applies its broad knowledge and disciplined approach through hands-on management of real assets from due diligence to operations through disposition.

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CIM’s distinct community qualification process guides CMCT’s acquisition of assets. Since 1994, CIM has qualified more than 130 metropolitan communities and invested in more than 70 of those. The qualification process combines quantitative expertise with a qualitative understanding of a community’s needs and potential. 

Five Point Process

The core of our community qualification process is based on five essential criteria:


Improving Market Dynamics

The community exhibits a combination of population and business growth, increased employment rates and other quantitative factors.

Broad Public Support

Local government officials, community organizations and other local constituents are supportive of neighborhood growth, which builds positive momentum.

Private Investment

Other investors and developers recognize opportunity in the area and bring about additional office buildings, residential towers or retail destinations. Restaurants, retailers and other businesses may also open locations within the community.

Areas Underserved by Real Estate and Infrastructure

The community needs additional real estate and infrastructure resources to support anticipated population growth and more visitors.

Potential for at Least $100 Million of Opportunistic Equity Within Five Years

This level of commitment enables us to make a meaningful difference and a substantial long-term investment in the area.

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CIM takes a disciplined approach to underwriting, acquiring and managing each investment, striving to employ a prudent use of leverage and capital deployment. 

Through its more than 130 Qualified Communities, CIM has the flexibility to deploy capital in communities only when the market environment meets its underwriting standards.

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